Note: This product is no longer maintained.

MailCountX adds a count of unread e-mail to your OS X menu bar. This can be very useful if you keep your dock minimized. This product integrates with Apple's MailCountX is currently available as a public beta.


  • Adds icon to menu bar indicating how many unread messages you have
  • Integrates with Apple's
  • Display a count from only INBOXes or all mailboxes recursively
  • Optional reminder beep with user-configurable delay between reminders
  • Reminder beep can use a standard system sound or a user-specified audio file
  • Adjustable time between polling for unread count (to minimize CPU usage)

To Do

  • Fix "Ignore Drafts" option
  • Completely re-code in Objective-C/Cocoa to increase speed (this will be the main goal for version 0.4)
  • Code a plugin for that would notify MailCount of new mail, rather than the opposite which is the current behavior
  • Add a list of available mailboxes, and allow user to select which ones to include/exclude from the count
  • Add user-selectable icon
  • Allow user to change font and color of count
  • Add option to display nothing instead of "0"
  • Add more compact icon option, similar to the red icon in the corner of Mail's app when you have new mail
  • Add support for other mail apps (Eudora, Entorage, etc)
  • Add option to force Mail to check the server for new mail


(MailCountX is the icon on the far left)


Version Release Date Download Size
0.2 beta December 9, 2003 MailCountX-0.3beta.dmg (Latest) 1.04 MB
0.2 beta August 27, 2003 MailCountX-0.2beta.dmg 1.06 MB


Change Log

Version Release Date Notes
0.3 beta December 7, 2003
  • Changed default envelope icon (thanks to Mason Lee for the new icon)
  • Fixed incorrect count issues with Panther (OS 10.3)
  • Added "ignore drafts" option
0.2 beta August 27, 2003
  • fixed math errors in mail polling period and
    reminder alert sliders on preferences window
  • added selection of standard alert sounds from /System/Library/Sounds/
  • added user configurable reminder sound
  • added volume control for reminder sound
  • added optional envelope icon next to mail count
0.1 beta July 25, 2003 Initial Beta Release