WebDAV Hosting

SqueakSoft offers WebDAV hosting for users of OmniFocus, Apple iCal and other applications which require a WebDAV folder for synchronizing data.  Our WebDAV hosting includes:

  • SSL support for encrypted file transfers
  • One WebDAV user account
  • Daily offsite backups

Tested WebDAV Clients

  • Apple OS X Finder
  • Apple iCal
  • iBank Mobile
  • Wallet - secure password manager for OS X by Acrylic Software
  • OmniFocus - task management application for OS X by The Omni Group
  • SyncPlaces - Firefox bookmark sync extension by Andy Halford
  • Zotero (2.0 beta) - Firefox research management extension

Note: SqueakSoft does not provide support for the above applications beyond assisting you in configuring them to access SqueakSoft's WebDAV server.

Adobe Shared Review Users:
Some customers report success with Adobe Shared Review but others have significant issues.  We do not officially support Adobe Shared Review.  Also, please note that we do not support anonymous connections to the WebDAV service.  All users will need to be provided with your username and password in order ot use Shared Review.  Please sign up for a trial account and test your settings before committing to a paid account.



WebDAV Hosting Plans

  • WebDAV Hosting Micro
    • 250 MB Storage
    • 2 GB/mo bandwidth
    • $12/year
    • Order Now
  • WebDAV Hosting 1
    • 2 GB storage
    • 10 GB/mo bandwidth
    • $24/year
    • Order Now
  • WebDAV Hosting 2
    • 5 GB storage
    • 20 GB/mo bandwidth
    • $48/year
    • Order Now
  • WebDAV Hosting 3
    • 20 GB storage
    • 50 GB/mo bandwidth
    • $120/year
    • Order Now

Free Trial

Want to test drive our WebDAV service for a month?  Sign up for the free trial.