WebDAV Hosting

SqueakSoft offers WebDAV hosting for users of Adobe Shared Review, OmniFocus, Apple iCal and other applications that require a WebDAV folder for synchronizing data.  Our WebDAV hosting includes:

  • SSL support for encrypted file transfers
  • Daily offsite backups

Tested WebDAV Clients

  • Apple OS X Finder
  • Apple iCal
  • CyberDuck
  • iBank Mobile
  • Wallet - secure password manager for OS X by Acrylic Software
  • OmniFocus - task management application for OS X by The Omni Group
  • SyncPlaces - Firefox bookmark sync extension by Andy Halford
  • Zotero - Firefox research management extension

Note: SqueakSoft does not provide support for the above applications beyond assisting you in configuring them to access SqueakSoft's WebDAV server.


Basic WebDAV Hosting Plans 

Our basic WebDAV hosting plans include a single user and a basic control panel for viewing your files.  These accounts do not allow the creation of additional users and are not intended to be used by multiple people.

** We do not provide technical support for Adobe Shared Review **

  WebDAV Micro WebDAV 1 WebDAV 2 WebDAV 3
Storage 250 MB 2 GB 5 GB 20 GB
Bandwidth 2 GB/mo 10 GB/mo 20 GB/mo 50 GB/mo
Price $12/year $24/year $48/year $120/year
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